Digital Communications Strategy
Marketing Communications Strategy

Open brief with overall goals and tasks is our favourite one. It’s always a stimulating challenge to analyse all possible data and come up with the best solutions. In this process we base our approach on consumer journey, value proposition design, qualitative and quantitative researches. Strategis session with the client is also one of the effective options.

Creative Strategy

In our case creative ideas are meant to enforce the strategic input, to add colour to communication needs.

UX Strategy & Design

We take usability very serious. At first we research the target audience and its needs. Then we work with the information we need to tell people, we develop UX and test. After this stage is over we add colors and describe all effects.

Trainings & Development

We are always happy to spread our knowledge. Trainings and strategic sessions are regular events for us. It helps to be on the same page with our partners.

Strategic Services projects
Strategic Services